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Real Estate

Representation in all phases of residential and commercial real estate transactions. This includes Landlord/Tenant negotiation, lease reviews, evictions, title review, boundary disputes, sales, purchases & refinances.

Settlement services by The Matlusky Firm include title examinations and real estate closing throughout the state of Delaware. The Matlusky Firm is a high volume closing firm and is available for out of office and after hour closings. We always appreciate the repeat customer, but constantly look forward to meeting new clients. We offer repeat client discounts and a $100 reduction of closing fees for any first time home buyer.

*NEW* - Real Estate Closing Discount

Registered Agent

Every artificial entity in the State of Delaware is required to have a registered agent for service process. The Matlusky Firm is available to act as your registered agent. Presently we act as registered agent for local, regional and even international clientele.

Debt Collection

The Matlusky Firm represents banks, and various creditors in debt collection and asset recovery through out the State of Delaware. Our practice extends to the filing of mechanic's liens, foreclosure actions, constable sales, and garnishments.

The Matlusky Firm is available to represent creditors on either an hourly basis or contingency fee arrangement depending on the facts and circumstances of the particular case.


The Matlusky Firm handles a variety of litigation issues and represents clients in all the State Courts including the Court of Chancery and the United States Federal District Court. Various matters previously and presently being handled by David E. Matlusky or The Matlusky Firm includes the following:

Real Estate Partition Actions

Mortgage Satisfaction Issues

Replevin Claims

Temporary Restraining Orders (TRO)

Mechanic's Liens

Foreclosure Prosecution and Defense

Landlord Tenant Evictions in the Justice of the Peace Court

Debt Collection in Court of Common Pleas and Superior Court

Professional Negligence Claims

Contract Disputes

Commercial Property Evictions and Collections

Foreclosure Scams & Home Rescue Fraud

In light of the increase of foreclosure filings that have been happening not only here in Delaware, but across the county in general, there has also been an increase in foreclosure schemes and outright fraud. You may see advertisements along the road that are stapled to telephone poles that offer foreclosure help and assistance for property owners that are in the foreclosure process. There are advertisements in the paper offering to negotiate debt or even buy a home in as little as 7 days. I have even heard stories where a homeowner facing foreclosure will receive a phone call or have someone knocking on their door willing to help. Some of these services may be legitimate but unfortunately, there are often unsavory characters that are not trying to help a struggling homeowner with their present default and problems with a lender, but rather someone trying to actually “suck out” any and all equity that may be left in the property to the total surprise and demise of the homeowner.

If you have been the victim of such a situation or if you recently signed any documents with someone who wants to buy your home, give you a loan, or work our a deal with the intent to prevent a foreclosure, I suggest contacting an attorney to represent your interest. My firm offers a one half hour free consultation and I would be glad to meet with you to discuss your situation. Please call 302-658-4474 and please leave a message.

E-Sign/Loan Closing

The Matlusky Firm is committed to cutting edge technology and strives to be on the forefront of innovations within the industry. The Matlusky Firm has performed and is capable of E-signing (electronic signing) for refinancing of real estate loans. Many lenders believe there is cost reduction and efficiency with the use of property based software and an ultimate cost savings to the customer. The Matlusky Firm has embraced technology and is available to participate in cooperation with any lender and software interface for a smooth closing.


David E. Matlusky, Esq. is available on an hourly basis or per diem basis for various Alternative Dispute Resolution Matters.
The Matlusky Firm LLC Wilmington DE
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